Thursday June 29, 08:30 AM
Mayfair Lakeshore
Mountain Time Trial
Climbs, flats, a few jumps & some aggressive attacks. Climbing as close to LT as possible & focusing on what happens at the top of the hill. If it's a strong day for you, you'll hit the flats with power & stay strong, taking advantage of this opportunity to make up some time. If not, you'll bring it down a little then work the flat to prepare for the next climb. Attacks will be at my discretion. Trust me.
Saturday, October 21
Aura Fitness, Toronto
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416 704 8154
Sandy is a Master Trainer for Nautilus/Schwinn® and coaches at several clubs in downtown Toronto. 

All of Sandy's sessions are based on proven training protocols, with dynamic music choreographed to the workout and motivational coaching based on power and measurement.